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36 Monologues (produced as part of Loyola University Chicago's Spring '22 Second Stage season)

36 MONOLOGUES ABOUT URBAN PLANNING (TO BE PERFORMED IN A CUL-DE-SAC) is an original play comprised of 36 monologues dealing with death, determinism, and apocalypse. The aesthetics of the performance are focused intensely on theatrical honesty and storytelling.

I both wrote and directed the play, though much of the creative generation was done independently by the actors, as I worked to platform their ideas after establishing a base of collective understanding of the text.

Twelve Olympians (produced as part of Loyola University Chicago's Fall '21 Second Stage season)

TWELVE OLYMPIANS was developed by an ensemble of twelve performers to explore solo performance as a genre, myth, and the space between theatre and film. This project also served as the subject of a research fellowship funding the exploration of projection design in live performance and new media.

I developed and directed the project throughout rehearsal, alongside serving as projection designer and editor of the final film.

Ensemble: Sam Contreras, Duncan Corbin, Joseph Cunningham, Kiana Ledin, Alaina Lim, PJ McMahon, Brody, Melia, Maegan Pate, Gina Saglimbeni, Momina Shahzad, Makenna Van Raalte, Rebecca Walker

Heisenberg (excerpted scene directed as a capstone project)

Directed as part of a capstone assignment for THTR 375 taught by Mark Lococo at Loyola University Chicago.

Actors pictured: Brody Melia, Emma Socey

50 Stolen Plays (produced as part of Loyola University Chicago's Fall '20 Second Stage season)

50 STOLEN PLAYS is a devised piece in which a small ensemble created 50 short video-plays using found text from across time and space. The project sought to explore subjectivity, chaos, and the futility of meaningmaking.

I was one of the ensemble members and functioned as director of the process, guiding the form and scope of the project from early development to finalization.

Friend Art (produced by Arizona Young Actors' Alliance in July 2019)

FRIEND ART by Sofia Alvarez was a production of Arizona Young Actors' Alliance, staged immersively in the bar on Lone Tree Golf Course in Chandler, AZ.

I directed the play and developed the scenic and projection design.

Actors pictured: Aubrey Hoffer, Kyle Watkins, Payten McLeod, India Chudnow

Photos by Nikki Wang

Hurt My Feelings (produced as part of Loyola University Chicago's Spring '19 Second Stage season)

HURT MY FEELINGS was developed as part of WE ARE THE HOPEFUL, a project led by Molly Cornell intending to explore the application of design technology in exploring mental health in theatre.

I wrote, directed, and sound designed this piece, alongside sound designing AND WE RING, INESCAPABLE by Garvin Van Dernoot.

Actors pictured: Duncan Corbin, Sophia Agusta

Photos by DFPA Marketing and Communication

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